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Breaking News

An exciting time for proud parents as baby vicuna born

Flamingo Land is pleased to announce the birth of a baby vicuna (cria) born on Sunday 29th June. The cria is fit and healthy and was standing and walking around an hour after birth. Its sex is still unknown but the zoo keepers should be able to find out within the next few days.

Both mum and dad, Holly and Bailey, are doing an excellent job at looking after and protecting their new addition. This is the pair’s first successful offspring therefore it is an exciting time for them and the zoo staff!

Big sister Velvet adores our latest zebra foal

Flamingo Land is celebrating the birth of a zebra foal. The young male can be seen in the mixed giraffe, zebra and ostrich exhibit, along with his parents and his older sister Velvet, who was born in January last year. His big sister is being very protective of him and even chases their parents off if they get too close!

Our zebras are normally outside grazing all day long, so there is usually a good view of the new arrival. Giraffes, zebras and ostriches all live in the same habitats in the wild, so they are quite happy to share an enclosure – in fact, it makes life more interesting for them. Of course, they are all herbivores, so there’s no danger of anyone eating anyone else!