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Breaking News

New inhabitants in Reptile River

Several new species are now on display in Flamingo Land’s Reptile River area. This section of the zoo is part of Children’s Planet and was already home to our water monitor lizard, Burmese pythons and cane toad. As well as reptiles, amphibians and mammals can be seen there too – our porcupines and meerkats also have enclosures there. The species now on display are poison dart frogs, a blood python, mossy frogs and red-tailed racer snakes.

Red-tailed racers are also known as red-tailed green ratsnakes. If you see ours you’ll be able to recognise them easily by their bright green colour, although don’t bother looking for red tails because they don’t have them! The name is quite misleading as these snakes are not always green and don’t always have red tails. Red-tailed racers are excellent climbers and may spend most of their lives in the trees. They eat birds, eggs, rodents, lizards and bats. They are native to Southeast Asia, being found in countries such as India, Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand.

New-born camel helps boost endangered species

On 13th February we had a camel calf born at Flamingo Land! The calf is yet to be named but Abi the camel gave birth to a healthy girl. This is Abi’s second calf and she is looking after it very well.

Abi was hand-reared but she still has a motherly instinct to make sure the calf is protected and suckling from her. The calf’s dad, Baxter, is living within the same camel house along with the rest of our camels, although they are being kept separate from Abi and her calf for a few days to give them a bit of privacy.