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Heatwave and ice lollies

Here at flamingo land the animals have really been feeling the heat, for some species they absolutely love it but for others we have done our best to make sure they stay nice and cool. For many animals, ice lollies have been on the menu for this extremely hot bank holiday weekend.

New Arrival - Murphy The Sea Lion

We would like to introduce you to Murphy our 1 year old sea lion that has recently arrived from Belfast zoo in February. He joins our bachelor group which includes our big dominant male Clive as well as Merlin, Marvin and Miguel. Murphy is still getting used to his new surrounding but has been introduced to the rest of the group, over the past few weeks. He can be seen occasionally after shows and in the pool but he is just a bit too young to take centre stage just yet!

Mongoose Lemurs' Birthdays

Flamingo Land is celebrating our adult Mongoose Lemurs' Birthdays. Geoffrey and Geraldine share the same birthday on April 10th and are both 19 years old. Geoffrey was born at Parc Zoologique et Botanique, Mulhouse, France and Geraldine was born at Banham Zoo, Norfolk, UK. The pair were first introduced to each other at Colchester Zoo in 2000. The young pair then moved to Edinburgh Zoo together in 2009 and joined us at Flamingo Land in 2014.