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Breaking News

Antlers Make a Comeback!

You may have noticed over Christmas we have two lovely Reindeer here at Flamingo Land, Esker the female and her brother Gunter. However Gunter did not have his antlers over Christmas but they are now making a comeback! Reindeer antlers fall off annually and then grow back again even bigger every year. Antlers are covered in a network of blood vessels and have a special type of fur called velvet. This is the fastest growing tissue in the whole world with Gunter’s growing up to half an inch every single day!

Penguin Awareness Day

For this week’s view from the zoo we are going to celebrate an awareness day for one of the most popular species here at Flamingo Land. Saturday the 20th of January is Penguin Awareness Day and here at Flamingo Land we are lucky to have a colony of twenty-two Humboldt Penguins.

Rhinos - Spot the Differences Between Black & White

Here at Flamingo Land we are very lucky to have both Black Rhinoceros as well as White Rhinoceros and this week we will be letting you know the differences between the two species. We have four Black Rhinos, one 24 year old male called Baringo and our three females: Olmoti who’s 3, Chanua who’s 5 and Samira who’s 16. We also have our two young male White Rhinos called Bruce and Mabaso who are 2 and 3.