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Discover Bai Jiao & Tai Jang, Our Fabulous Red Pandas

This week we will be letting you know how we look after our very cute Red Pandas and the best time for you to see them when you visit us! We have two Red Pandas here at Flamingo Land called Tai Jang our female who is 5 and our male Bai Jiao who is also 5. We train our red pandas every day, encouraging them to come down from the trees, place their nose against our target stick then be hand fed a reward by our keepers. We do this every day generally around half one which is the best time for our public to see our pandas in action. This allows us to do use the target stick to guide them around the enclosure, onto scales and into crates should we need to move them anywhere. Target training is very important for health checks and weighing animals. They both weigh around 5 kilograms. Females tend to be more confident and Tai Jang regularly comes down, touches the target stick with her nose and received a reward. This training technique is called positive reinforcement and can be used for a whole range of species.

Peafowl Chicks on Parade!

If you have ever visited Flamingo Land you may have noticed we have free ranging peafowl in our park. They have recently gone through their breeding season and have produced multiple young. These can be seen following their mums around and look like mini versions of them! The peafowl are very friendly which is why we are able to allow them to wander around the park and not keep them within an enclosure.

Welcome to Winter at Flamingo Land

As Halloween brings another fantastic season for Flamingo Land’s Theme Park to an end, we have been distributing the remaining pumpkins to our animals. And, although the majority of our rides are now closed, visitors can still enjoy our award-winning animal collection throughout the months to come, with admission at a reduced winter rate.