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Baby Baboons Steal The Show!

With over 140 species of reptiles, mammals and birds, new arrivals are a familiar attraction at Flamingo Land.

However, our baby Hamadryas baboons have achieved superstar status, drawing masses of interest from visitors of all ages. Born between April and July, the five infants - who are yet to be named - rapidly became an integral part of our existing baboon family.

Ready to Welcome The Indian Rhinos at Flamingo Land

Flamingo Land is currently renovating the old mangabey and bat house into our new Indian Rhino exhibit. The building has been extended and improved, and fixtures are now being fitted to accommodate our new residents.

The Rhino should be arriving towards the end of the summer or early autumn. This will be an exciting time for all our zoo staff and the visitors to the park too. Although we already have White Rhino at Flamingo Land, the Indian Rhino will be kept in a completely separate enclosure to them.

A Peacock’s Tale

At the zoo we are lucky to have several free-roaming Indian blue peafowl, more commonly known as peacocks and peahens.

The males (peacocks), with their striking tails, are not only beautiful, but also illustrate a fascinating result of thousands of years of evolution known to scientists as “Fisherian runaway selection”. This peculiar form of evolution is named after the Victorian biologist Ronald Fisher, and is used to describe a feature of an animal (in this case, the male peacock’s tail) that has evolved to increase the chance of finding a partner, but is actually a huge burden on the animal...