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Breaking News

New-born camel helps boost endangered species

On 13th February we had a camel calf born at Flamingo Land! The calf is yet to be named but Abi the camel gave birth to a healthy girl. This is Abi’s second calf and she is looking after it very well.

Abi was hand-reared but she still has a motherly instinct to make sure the calf is protected and suckling from her. The calf’s dad, Baxter, is living within the same camel house along with the rest of our camels, although they are being kept separate from Abi and her calf for a few days to give them a bit of privacy.

Geoffrey & Geraldine the mongoose lemurs settle in

Flamingo Land has yet more new additions to the zoo! We have introduced two mongoose lemurs into our group of ring-tailed and red-bellied lemurs.

These small lemurs are settling in well after leaving their previous home at Edinburgh Zoo. The pair were already living together at Edinburgh so they are already familiar with each other. The male, Geoffrey, is distinguishable from the female, Geraldine, as he has a brown neck while she has a white neck.

Red Pandas arrive at Flamingo Land Resort

Flamingo Land is proud to announce that our two Red Pandas are now on display to visitors.

The male is called Bai Jiao and the female Tai Jang and they are both 18 months old. They form part of our international breeding programmes, and we look forward to them having babies in the future.