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Breaking News

Colder And Otter

As the weather turns colder, the otters at the zoo are keeping warm this Christmas!

Our Asian short-clawed otters, Aonyx cinerea, tend to stay indoors during the winter, in their heated enclosure. However, like all mammals, their fur reacts to the cold, trapping warm air close to their skin. Otters also have two layers of fur, one for insulation and one to keep the water out. This layer of fur makes them look cuddly, but they have sharp teeth and claws, which equip them for hunting fish, and even snakes and rats...

Unusual Christmas Presents For Flamingo Land

This December has seen a number of new arrivals at the zoo, including two rhinos, an ostrich, and also three scimitar-horned oryx on their way.

These animals are arriving as part of Flamingo Land’s membership of international conservation breeding programmes. Breeding animals in captivity is required to maintain captive population numbers, and also to keep the genetic diversity as varied as possible...

Getting Giraffes To Eat Their Greens

As you may know, giraffes have their long necks in order to reach leaves that grow on tall trees. In the wild these animals can eat up to 11 kilograms of leaves per day, moving between trees when one runs out of leaves. But what do our giraffes do?

As they are zoo animals we can’t let them out to go and find trees. Our answer to this problem is to bring the trees to them...