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Breaking News

Mini Peacocks in the Park!

If you have ever visited Flamingo Land you may have noticed we have free ranging peafowl, or peacocks, in our park.

These have recently gone through their breeding season and have produced multiple young. These can be seen following their mums around and look like mini versions of them! The peacocks are very friendly which is why we are able to allow them to wander around the park and not keep them within an enclosure.

New Walkthrough Lemur Enclosure Now Open

Visitors to Flamingo Land can get closer than ever before to our lemurs now their new walkthrough enclosure is open.

Our existing lemur enclosure has been modified so that the public can now walk through it instead of only being able to view from the paths outside. This allows people to encounter the lemurs at a much closer range. It also means that you can get photos of them without a fence in the picture. Our wallaby enclosure was converted to a walkthrough earlier in the year and has proved extremely popular with visitors this summer. So, we hope this will be just as successful.

Flamingo Land Gets 'Ready for Rhinos'

Summer visitors to Flamingo Land have been enjoying the sight of hundreds of colourful rhinos amongst the trees

Sadly, they’re not real ones. Instead they’re the work of hundreds of children who’ve visited Flamingo Land this summer and taken part in our Ready for Rhinos event, aimed at getting Flamingo Land ready for the arrival of our new Indian rhinos.