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Breaking News

High Hopes For Paddy!

Our latest arrival at Flamingo Land is an adult male white-crowned mangabey named Paddy.

Visitors can see him settling into his new home in the mangabey enclosure, in between the tiger and zebra enclosures. Paddy has joined our two resident female mangabeys, Calpurnia and her daughter Sophia.

Join Our September BioBlitz

Calling all wildlife enthusiasts! Flamingo Land is holding a BioBlitz from Friday 20th to Saturday 21st September and we want you to join in.

You don’t have to be an expert on British wildlife or have any equipment - you just need to come along and use your eyes and ears to help us spot as many species of wildlife as possible around the park.

Novel Feeding Method Brings Lunchtimes To Life!

Children’s Planet is home to a range of mammal and reptile species. This includes the South American coati, found is Venezuela, Columbia, Uruguay and Argentina.

These are closely related to racoons, therefore resembles them by having a stripey tail and long snout. Coati’s fur is a slightly reddish colour with lighter patches around its face. When foraging it often holds its tail in the air allowing other coatis in the group to be able to distinguish each other. Despite looking fairly cute and fluffy, it is able to eat animals such as scorpions, spiders and tarantulas, in addition to a variety of food and seeds.