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Meet Our Zebra - Vendela & Guiness

Make sure you see our pair of zebras here at Flamingo Land. We have a female called Vendela, who is 10, while her partner, our male is called Guiness and he is 11. The zebras at Flamingo Land are all Grant’s zebras, which are the smallest subspecies of plains zebra. In the wild these are found in countries such as Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia. They can be found in grassland and savannah woodland. Grant’s zebras have vertical stripes at the front, horizontal stripes on their back legs and diagonal s

tripes in between. Every zebra has a slightly different pattern, so their stripes can be used to identify individuals.

Walk With Our Lemurs

Take a walk through our Lemur enclosure this winter for the chance to see our ring tailed lemurs up close. Here at Flamingo Land we have a troop of 14 females lead by our oldest and most dominant female - Ruth.

Too Chilly For Our Penguins?

One of the more festive animals to see at the zoo is of course our Penguins. Here at Flamingo Land we have a colony of twenty-two Humboldt Penguins. Penguins tend to be associated with very cold climates however our species come from the Pacific coastline of Chile and Peru. This means they are more adapted to a hot climate as opposed to the snow that has been falling upon North Yorkshire in recent weeks! They can still be seen swimming around in their pool but some may prefer to stay inside within their nest boxes.