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End Of Season? Not For Our Animals!

As it comes to the end of another busy summer season here at Flamingo Land, the theme park once again shuts it doors to the public, creating an unusual calm around most of the park. However, this most certainly is not the case in the zoo, which is still very much active, and what better way could the animals remind our zoo staff of this than with the arrival of a new baby baboon born on the last day of the season.

This lovely little infant has enjoyed its first few days of life being fussed over by its loving mother and carried around on her back as well as joining in on play fights and other social activities with the other baboons on Flamingo Land’s baboon island. This additional arrival has now increased the baboon baby population to three present at the zoo...

New White-faced Saki Monkey!

The movement of animals from zoo to zoo happens on a regular basis, and last week we did a monkey swap!

The good zoo community can easily transfer animals if they are part of BIAZA (British and Irish Aquaria and Zoo Association) or EAZA (European Aquaria and Zoo Association). In these communities we are safe in the knowledge that our animals are going to a good new home! So last week our female saki monkey went to a new zoo and in return we got a new female. This week sees her final quarantine health check by our vet Matt Brash. Once all the results of this final check come back we will be able to introduce her to her new partner and her new island...

What Is It Like To Be A Zoo Vet?

Here in Flamingo Land we have outlined to readers what it is like to be a zookeeper for a day – hard! But now is the turn of another member of staff without which our animals would not be as they are today. Our zoo vet, Matt Brash, takes care of all 125 different species of animals here on site.

The job of a vet is not an easy one, they have to make tough decisions and the health of the exotic animals housed here at Flamingo Land is on his shoulders...




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