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Breaking News

Discover The Sacred Ibis

This week we will be letting you know a bit more about one of our more ‘Sacred’ residents here at the Zoo. As part of the Bird Show and also our Aviary in Lost River we have a number of Sacred Ibis. Ibis are wading birds which means they have long legs which allow them to ‘wade’ through shallow water and mud. They get their ‘Sacred’ name because in Egypt the Ibis represented the god Thoth, god of wisdom, knowledge and writing, and was considered the herald of the flood. However sadly, it is now extinct throughout Egypt because of gradual acidification through swamp drainage and land reclamation. They can still be found in other Northern African countries as well as zoos just like Flamingo Land.

Flamingo Land wins sponsorship of Scarborough’s new football stadium

Flamingo Land is delighted to announce that it has become the first sponsor of the brand new community football stadium at Scarborough Sports Village.

Stick Insect Population Explodes!

This week at the zoo, some of smaller and well disguised animals have been increasing their numbers, and in a big way! Our giant thorny stick insects, which are within our Education Centre, have had many of their eggs hatch into nymph. With numbers already at thirty, this could double by next week!