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Peafowl Chicks on Parade!

If you have ever visited Flamingo Land you may have noticed we have free ranging peafowl in our park. They have recently gone through their breeding season and have produced multiple young. These can be seen following their mums around and look like mini versions of them! The peafowl are very friendly which is why we are able to allow them to wander around the park and not keep them within an enclosure.

Welcome to Winter at Flamingo Land

As Halloween brings another fantastic season for Flamingo Land’s Theme Park to an end, we have been distributing the remaining pumpkins to our animals. And, although the majority of our rides are now closed, visitors can still enjoy our award-winning animal collection throughout the months to come, with admission at a reduced winter rate.

It’s Pumpkin Playtime!

At Flamingo Land, we have been very busy with Halloween activities! One which was on offer to the visitors was to carve a pumpkin. This proved to be a very popular family activity as both adults and children were able to get involved. We found that for a lot of adults it was the first time for them carving a pumpkin! Once the visitors had carved the pumpkin they could either take the pumpkin home with them or leave it here for us to give to the animals. Many of our guests staying at the Holiday Village decided to take theirs with them to decorate their caravans and log cabins.