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Breaking News

Celebrating Troy the Warthog’s Birthday!

Has anyone ever made a Warthog birthday cake before? Well on the 29th of May we celebrated our male Troy’s 9th birthday in style! Troy is a Common Warthog from Sub-Saharan Africa and he lives in our hog section within Children’s Planet. He has a beautiful long mane on the top of neck and back as well as two curves tusks.

It’s Love Your Zoo Week!

This week is a very exciting time here at Flamingo Land as it’s not only May half term but also ‘Love your zoo week’ which is an annual nationwide event where BIAZA members promote the great work that they do towards education, conservation and research. BIAZA stands for the British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums which is the professional body representing the best zoos and aquariums in the UK and Ireland.

Lost Kingdom Welcomes New Arrivals

Within our Lost Kingdom section of our park there has been a boom of new arrivals both big and small! This section consists of a variety of different enclosures some of which have mixed species together. There is a standalone pride of 9 lions, which can regularly be soon out lounging around and sunbathing. You may have noticed a new giraffe calf called Sophie who is doing very well and has now been joined by a new male. Mylene gave birth to him on 1st of May and no doubt one day he’ll grow to be as tall as his huge and proud father George. He has already been introduced to his neighbours our two Addax Jackson and Miller. They are a critically endangered species of antelope, which has large spiral horns.