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Breaking News

Zimba and Balu leaving

At the end of April we said goodbye to our two male white rhinos, Balu (6 years old) and Zimba (8 years old). Both rhinos came to us when they were approximately 2-3 years old which is the age they would leave their mothers in the wild. They were too young to be paired with a female at this age therefore Flamingo Land offered them a home and cared for them until they were mature enough to be moved on to another zoo where they can be part of a breeding program. Breeding programs are a crucial part of the conservation of a species.

Official tour De Yorkshire artist designed field artwork at Flamingo Land

Renowned Yorkshire artist Lucy Pittaway, the official artist of the Tour de Yorkshire for the second year running, designed a large scale flamingo and bicycle themed piece of field artwork at Flamingo Land Resort Yorkshire. This was painted onto their land by staff at Flamingo Land and was located adjacent to where the race passed by at 2.50pm, making it a ground and aerial visual spectacle.

World Tapir Day

World Tapir Day falls on the 27th April every year. It is a day to celebrate all 4 living species of tapir including the Malayan, Baird’s, Lowland and Mountain tapir. All tapirs are at risk of extinction and World Tapir Day is an event to raise awareness and create support, shedding light on the challenges and threats these amazing creatures face in the wild.