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Breaking News

Giraffe Training

For this week’s view from the zoo we are going to let you in on a secret on how we train and look after one of the taller residents here at Flamingo Land. We are lucky to have 11 Giraffes in two separate enclosures and houses at the zoo and as you can imagine that is a lot of work! In one of our houses we have three females called Charlotte, Amber and Zara as well as a male called Shingo. Their welfare includes giving them a balance diet that consists of a variety of leaves, branches, lucerne, specialised pellets and very occasionally vegetables. Now with our Giraffes reaching the heights of nearly 16 foot, their food is of course placed high up to match how they would eat in the wild and use their 1.5 foot tongues to pull branches down into their mouths.

Mongoose Pup Adds To Baby Bonanza!

Our group of banded mongoose has slightly increased in size due to the addition of a baby! Currently 6 weeks of age, the pup is now beginning to get braver and is exploring the enclosure whilst trying out some solid food. Despite being small, infants are very vocal, squeaking to their mother so she is aware of where they are and what they need...

Miracle Tiger Cub Birth

Flamingo Land is delighted to announce the arrival of a Sumatran Tiger Cub on Friday 25th August at 6:01PM at Flamingo Land Resort Yorkshire.