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Peacock Displays

If you have ever visited Flamingo Land you may have noticed we have free ranging peafowl, or peacocks, in our park. The peacocks are very friendly which is why we are able to allow them to wander around the park and not keep them within an enclosure. Peacocks are very vocal animals, particularly in breeding season. They display a selection or various calls to each other ranging from honks to meow-like calls! During spring is the best time to see them as our males are currently doing their best to display their beautiful feathers to attract the females. Make sure you have your cameras at the ready around the park!

Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches

At Flamingo Land we run a daily Meet a Creature session in the Education Centre. One of the animals which we are able to bring out are Madagascar hissing cockroaches. These cockroaches can live up to 5 years old and can reproduce quite easily. The females will carry eggs around with her once they are fertilised and release the young nymphs once they have hatched. They can produce 15-40 young during each season! We recently had some nymphs born and these will undergo several moults before they reach adult size. The hissing cockroach is one of the largest as fully grown adults can reach 7cm long!

Experience a Lorikeet Close Encounter

Back in November we told you about our new rainbow lorikeet exhibit opening. The developers added an extension along with making several modifications to the old Bongo Warrior’s hut to turn it into a bird aviary. The lorikeets have settled in well over the winter season and visitors have been able to enter the aviary to get up close to these colourful birds. New for the summer season, visitors are able to purchase a small pot of nectar to hand feed the birds. We have quite a lot of the birds so they can be very noisy at times! They are extremely fast at flying too, so you definitely experience a close encounter with them whilst you’re in the aviary.