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Breaking News

Union J to Headline Saturday’s Party in the Park

Flamingo Land has confirmed that Union J will now be headlining the Party in the Park concert this Saturday evening, 1st July, replacing Matt Terry who can no longer appear.

Coats Off Time For Our Camels!

It’s that time of year when our Bactrian camels are shedding their hair! This natural process happens annually, and makes our camels look very shabby. The camels can lose up to five pounds of hair per year, and it will fall away from the body in clumps making their coat appear quite unattractive. This process will take around six to eight weeks to complete fully, so it is a very long, drawn out makeover! The moulting of the hair helps keep the camels cool during the warmer summer months, before thickening again ready for winter.

It’s Panda Party Time!

It has been a double birthday for our cute and popular red pandas here at the zoo this week. Tai Jang our female turned 5 on the 12th of June whilst our male Bai Jiao also became 5 on the 14th of June! They received their favourite ‘panda cake’ which consists of a variety of nutrients including protein, essential vitamins, minerals and high fibre. However bamboo, fruits, pellets and other leaves make up a majority of their diet.