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End Of Season? Not For Our Animals!

As it comes to the end of another busy summer season here at Flamingo Land, the theme park once again shuts it doors to the public, creating an unusual calm around most of the park. However, this most certainly is not the case in the zoo, which is still very much active, and what better way could the animals remind our zoo staff of this than with the arrival of a new baby baboon born on the last day of the season.

This lovely little infant has enjoyed its first few days of life being fussed over by its loving mother and carried around on her back as well as joining in on play fights and other social activities with the other baboons on Flamingo Land’s baboon island. This additional arrival has now increased the baboon baby population to three present at the zoo.

During theme park closing, daily routines at the zoo continue as normal, since all the animals still need to be mucked out and fed. This means that all our keeping staff are here, come rain or shine, caring for our animals whether there are members of the public in the park or not.

Although the theme park may be closed, Flamingo Land Zoo is soon to be opening its doors to the public on weekends and school holidays through December to March. For more information on admissions and opening times, please click here.

Baby baboon