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White Stork

Animal Essentials

Scientific Name:
Ciconia ciconia
Park Location:
Europe (south to Estonia), northwest Africa & southwest Asia
Steppe, grassland & farmland

Amazing Facts

White Storks pair for life.
They can live for over 30 years.
According to mythology, the stork is responsible for bringing babies to newly married couples!

White Storks are summer visitors to many parts of Europe. The largest population can be found in Poland, where flocks of over 50,000 have been recorded. In winter they migrate to Africa and Asia.

White Storks have an overall white plumage with black wing tips, orange legs and a beak. These large wading birds are believed to bring good luck and are welcomed into the towns and villages where they nest. Although they are happy to nest close to human habitation, they prefer to feed in open wetlands and shallow streams in search of insects, amphibians and small rodents.

White Storks build a huge nest of twigs, generally on the chimney pots of houses, telegraph poles or specially made platforms that the residents provide. After mating, between two to five eggs are laid and incubated (kept warm) by both the male and female parent.

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