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Animal Essentials

Greater Flamingo, Scientific Name:
Phenicopterus roseus
Caribbean Flamingo, Scientific Name:
Phoenicopterus ruber
Chilean Flamingo, Scientific Name:
Phoenicopterus chilensis
Park Location:

Caribean, Central & S. America, Africa, Asia and Europe.
Tropical, Sub tropical

Amazing Facts

One egg is laid on their raised mud mound nest in June or July, and incubation is shared by both parents.
Flamingo Land plays an active role in Flamingo conservation, and provides funds annually for various projects around the world.
Standing on one leg really is their most comfortable rest position!
Flamingo chicks are born with straight beaks which only begin to curve under at around three months of age!
A Flamingos’ eye is larger than its brain!

The name Flamingo derives from the Latin meaning flame. There are six species of flamingo, two of which are exhibited here at Flamingo Land. The remaining four are Andean flamingo, James' flamingo, lesser flamingo and greater flamingo. Some species can be found in huge flocks of up to 1 million birds!

These distinctive birds have long legs and hooked bills; their long legs allow them to wade deeper into water than other birds. They feed by holding their beak upside down and filtering the algae and crustaceans out of the water.

Flamingos get their pink colouration from the food they eat, such as molluscs and small shrimp-like aquatic invertebrates. These are found in lagoons and/or alkaline lakes with little or no vegetation. The intensity of their pink colouring depends on the species. In captivity, they are fed on a specially prepared diet which helps to stop their pink colouration from fading.

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