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Humboldt Penguin

Animal Essentials

Scientific Name:
Spheniscus humboldti
Park Location:
Zoo, Penguin Coast
Chile and Peru

Amazing Facts

There are 17 different types of Penguin.
Humboldt Penguins can hold their breath for up to 2 minutes, and swim to depths of around 15 metres.
All Penguins are found in the Southern Hemisphere.

Humboldt Penguins live in small colonies along the Pacific coastline of Chile and Peru. Like all Penguins, Humboldt’s are flightless marine birds, which have adapted superbly for life in the sea, they have flipper like wings and webbed feet which enable them to “fly” gracefully through the water at speeds of up to 15mph. Penguins feed on small fish such as sardines, mullet and anchovies.

They nest on dry land in disused animal burrows or between rocks and crevices. Two eggs are laid and incubation is around 40/42 days, this is shared by both male and female. The chicks are fed on partially digested fish which is regurgitated by the parents!

Due to over fishing by humans and climatic change, the Humboldt Penguin population has decreased over the last 30 years. Zoos all over the world are breeding this species as part of a captive breeding initiative to ensure the Humboldt Penguin does not become extinct. Flamingo Land is proud to be involved in this programme.

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