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Rainbow Lorikeet

Animal Essentials

Scientific Name:
Trichoglossus moluccanus
Park Location:
Rainforest, coastal bush and woodland areas

Amazing Facts

The tip of their tongues have tufts of extremely fine hairs called papillae which collect nectar and pollen.
This species can be classed as a pest as it strips fruit growing on trees within orchards.

As the name ‘rainbow’ suggests their plumage is very bright and colourful. Their head and underbelly is deep blue while their beak, eyes, chest and underside of their wings are a reddish orange.

The top of their wings and back are generally bright green and they also have yellow feathers occasionally scattered throughout their body but it does vary between each individual. They are a medium-sized parrot, with the length ranging from 25 to 30cm, including the tail with weight varying from 75 to 155g. They can often be found in pairs and are very territorial around their feeding and nesting areas.

They are found in Australia and are common along the eastern seaboard, from northern Queensland to South Australia and Tasmania. Its habitat is rainforest, coastal bush and woodland areas. Here at Flamingo Land our Lorikeets can be found in a walkthrough exhibit in Lost Kingdom.

This species is fairly widespread and is classed as least concern, however its population is decreasing due to habitat loss and the capture for the pet trade.

Threat Status

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