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Dexter Cows

Originating in the south west of Ireland, these are the smallest British cattle breed, standing at approximately one metre tall at the shoulder, but are also quite stocky with adults usually weighing 45-55 stones.

Domestic Chicken

Chicken breeds today come in all shapes and sizes and there are over 200 different breeds - all of which serve different purposes.

Domestic Duck

All domesticated ducks are believed to be a descendent of the Mallard Duck. The Mallard is a native species to most countries in the Northern Hemisphere.

Domestic Rabbits

There are many different species of rabbit, but they are believed to originate from Spain. All breeds of domestic rabbit originate from the European rabbit.

Domestic Turkey

At Flamingo Land we have two breeds of Turkey - the bronze and the buff brown. These birds are a popular feature on Muddy Duck Farm where they share an enclosure with the African Pygmy Goats.


Donkeys are smallest member of the horse family and originated in Africa. They descended from the African Wild Ass which is also one of the most endangered animals in the world.

Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs originated from South America where several different species can still be found. The ancestor of the domesticated guinea pig is thought to be the restless cavy, Cavia cutleri.

Shetland Ponies

The Shetland pony is a small, but very adaptable Pony and therefore is a good animal for many different environments, it can make a wonderful riding pony, even for children whom often use the Pony as their first mount.

West African Pygmy Goat

The West African Pygmy is a miniature dairy goat with milk production being quite generous for their small size.

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