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White-faced Saki Monkey

Animal Essentials

Scientific Name:
Pithecia pithecia
Park Location:
South America
Tropical rainforest

Amazing Facts

A White Faced Saki Monkey’s tail is longer than its body.
White Faced Saki Monkeys are active during the day and will spend most of their time in the trees rarely coming down to the ground.

Living in small family groups with one male, one female and their offspring, these primates are very different in shape and locomotion compared to most other primates, and are surprisingly fast and agile in their forest canopy home.

Their diet consists of fruit, seeds, flowers, leaves and some animal prey such as small birds and bird eggs. They use their canine teeth to crack hard nuts. Insects (especially termites and ants) are also a staple part of their diet.

Males are black all over with the exception of a facial disc of “blonde” hair, whereas the female lacks the facial disc and is brownish black. Females give birth to a single baby after 150 to 180 day gestation. Both sexes of offspring are of a similar colour to adult females, with males developing the blonde facial disc after around 2 months. The young are weaned after 4 months, and are fully mature in 3 years and have a life expectancy of 30 years.


There are no obvious threats to this species as numbers in the wild are stable and they live in a number of protected areas. However, as the South American rainforest decreases in size there is always a threat of loss of habitat.

Threat Status

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