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Anderson’s Salamander

Salamanders are amphibians that look like a cross between a frog and a lizard. They have long bodies, their skin is moist and usually smooth and they have long tails. Their eggs are clear and jelly-like, much like frog eggs.

Burmese Python

One of the true giants, the Burmese Python can reach lengths of over 7m (20 feet) and weigh as much as 91kg (200lb).

Cane Toad

Cane toads are the largest toad in the world and have dry, warty skin, and are native to the southern United States, Central America, and tropical South America. Their name originates from when they were used to eradicate pests from sugarcane. However it now has many other common names, including "giant toad" and "marine toad."

Mossy Frog

The common name "mossy frog" arises from their amazing way of camouflaging by appearing to look almost like a rock covered in moss.

Poison Arrow Frog

Tiny and brightly coloured, these frogs might look cute but some of them are among the most poisonous animals in the world.

Red Footed Tortoise

The Red-Footed Tortoise originates from central and northern South America. and Central America. It has also been introduced to several Caribbean islands.

Sulcata Tortoises

The Sulcata or African Spurred tortoise is the largest on the African mainland. They are native to the northern parts of Africa; Senegal, Niger, Chad and Ethiopia.

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