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Mossy Frog

Animal Essentials

Scientific Name:
Theloderma corticale
Park Location:
Reptile River
Northern Vietnam and possibly in China
Rainforests, caves and rocky cliffs

Amazing Facts

Mossy frogs when threatened will curl up into a ball and play dead to deter predators.
A frog has no hard palate (hard part of the roof of the mouth behind the front teeth). To swallow food, it pulls its eyes down into the roof of its mouth which helps push food down its throat.
Frogs were the first creatures to have vocal cords.

The common name "mossy frog" arises from their amazing way of camouflaging by appearing to look almost like a rock covered in moss.

They have large sticky pads on their toes to help them climb and cling on to rocks within waterfalls. They reach an adult size of 6-8cm with females being larger than males. Males are often more slender in appearance and also have different call. They are carnivorous and their most favourite foods are small crickets, cockroaches and other invertebrates that are not larger than the size of their heads.

Mossy frogs breed from April to June. They breed usually in rock cavities and tree holes. Small masses of eggs are attached to rocks or vegetation just above water to protect them from predators. The eggs hatch in 7-14 days and the larvae fall into the water beneath them. Metamorphosis from tadpole to a frog takes about 1 year.

Habitat loss mainly due to deforestation has reduced the available natural areas for this species to live in. There is also a specific demand in the global pet trade. Their current population status is unknown due to insufficient data.

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