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Red Footed Tortoise

Animal Essentials

Scientific Name:
Chelonoidis carbonaria
Park Location:
South America
Savannah and Forest edges

Amazing Facts

Males make a clucking sound during courtship and mating which sounds remarkably like a hen
Occasionally Red Footed Tortoises will flip each other over but they are able to self-right it just can take a bit of time!

The Red-Footed Tortoise originates from central and northern South America. and Central America. It has also been introduced to several Caribbean islands.

Red-footed Tortoises are primarily herbivorous, though they are known to eat carrion as well as any bug they can catch. When the weather turns cool, their metabolism slows down considerably, allowing them to survive on minimal food. For example in a very warm climate a mature individual can survive nearly a month on a single banana!

Our Red-Footed Tortoises each have a certain number of white spots that we have put on their shells and that is how we tell them apart

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