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Bird Display Encounter

Once you’ve watched our amazing Bird Show you’ll experience far more than just meeting the cast! During a behind the scenes tour you’ll visit our main aviary in the company of a knowledgeable keeper and assist with training exercises.

Lemur Encounter

A unique opportunity to learn about Madagascar’s fascinating lemurs in the company of one of our zookeepers. So, join the colony for a lunch date with a real difference. You’re guaranteed that dining out will never be quite the same again!

Giraffe Encounter

This is your opportunity to go inside one of our giraffe houses and meet the tallest residents of Flamingo Land’s zoo. Here you’ll learn about these gentle giants and hand-feed them delicious treats.

Sea Lion Encounter

Step backstage in the company of a skilled trainer to discover a world of fascinating facts, along with the opportunity to feed our star performers. This encounter makes for a fantastic photo opportunity, so remember your camera!

Meet A Creature

As an addition to the thrills of Flamingo Land’s sensational Theme Park, these hands on educational sessions provide everyone with the opportunity to discover more about a selection of creepy crawly creatures.

Penguin Encounter

Join our zookeepers at feeding time to enjoy fantastic close up views of Flamingo Land’s Humboldt penguin colony. You’ll even get your own bucket of fish to temp these amazing South American creatures with!

Animal Trainer Experience

You’ll discover that there’s a lot more to this type of ‘show business’ than meets the eye! From assisting with training sessions and live shows to preparing food and maintaining environments, this is a day packed with fun, excitement and new experiences.

Meerkat Encounter

For pure and simple entertainment, there’s little that compares with our meerkat encounter! You’ll also have the chance to enjoy zany meerkat antics whilst feeding them some of their favourite treats.

Keeper Talks

Providing a home to over 140 species takes a team with great passion, skill and dedication. What’s more, they’re always delighted to share their knowledge and experience. So, please join them to learn a little more about some of our more exotic residents.

Zoo Trail

If you’re passionate about puzzles, don’t miss our Zoo Trail. Available during weekends and school holidays, simply pick up a free trail sheet and begin your very own journey of discovery.