Crazy Combat is as close to paintballing as you can get, but without the pain! Suitable for all ages, our twenty-three square metre outdoor game zone provides a multi-level environment, complete with five sniper towers, huts, tunnels and barricades.

Equipped with battle tested laser technology, you can blitz your opponents at up to eight hundred rounds a minute, with our red-dot scopes providing pinpoint accuracy up to five hundred metres.

What’s more, Crazy Combat offers a variety of game formats including Free-For-All, with everyone competing against everyone else, or Group Play where you can define individual teams.

Available from 10:00am each day, there’s no need to book, so simply arrive, pay and play. It’s just £2 for twenty lives. £3 for 35 lives, £4 for 50 lives or £5 for seventy lives, with the length of each game dependent on your combat skills.


Crazy Combat – Stormtrooper

Take on a stormtrooper on selected days through the summer holidays.


Crazy Combat – Zombie Apocalypse

Horror fans are invited to join us on selected Wednesdays when Crazy Combat is overrun by an infestation of the undead. For just £3 for thirty lives or £4 for forty-five lives, this is your chance to take up arms in a valiant attempt to save humanity from oblivion. And, for every outright zombie actor kill, your forty-five lives will be refreshed for free!



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