West African Pygmy Goat

The West African Pygmy is a miniature dairy goat with milk production being quite generous for their small size.

This goat is one of the few breeds of goat that will breed out of season. Therefore, they will often produce more than one kid crop per year. Although domestic goats in general originated in Asia, the African Pygmy is one of four types of dwarf goats from Africa.

The African Pygmy is a true miniature because its body conformation is so similar to that of the larger dairy breeds. They stand between 15 and 20 inches tall at the shoulder, and some are almost as wide as they are tall. Males are usually taller than females. They come in a variety of colours, ranging from brown, black, white, red or golden, often in combination with random white markings.

Their hair is short and fine during the summer, but they can adapt to colder climates by producing a thick, woolly undercoat. They are hardy goats, thriving as well in heat and humidity as extreme coldBecause of their small size, these goats are economically raised and easy to care for. Their docile temperament and fun loving actions make them a perfect family pet. The African Pygmy exists in small numbers worldwide.


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