Keeper Talks

Flamingo Land currently provides a home for over 140 species of mammals, birds, reptiles and fish.

To make sure all these animals enjoy the best possible care, habitats and diets is a full time job that needs people with great passion, skill and dedication.

We’re very fortunate to have just such a team… and what’s more, they’re very keen to share their knowledge and experience with you! So, every day one of them will be waiting for you at a variety of times and locations around the site. Please join them to learn a little more about some of our more exotic species, it’ll be an experience that’s sure to make even more of your visit.

Keeper Talk Times

Talk Time Location
Cheetahs – Keeper Talk 11:00am Cheetah Exhibit
Flamingos – Keeper Talk 11:30am Greater Flamingo Enclosure
Hippos – Keeper Talk and Feed 12:00pm Hippo Viewing Deck
Baboons – Keeper Talk and Feed 12:30pm Baboon Island
Black Rhinos – Keeper Talk 12:45pm Black Rhino Viewing Deck
Tigers – Keeper Talk and Feed 1:30pm Tiger Bridge
Red Panda – Keeper Talk and Feed 1:45pm Tiger Bridge
Penguins 3:00pm Penguin Coast