Saki Monkeys at Flamingo Land

19th November 2018
Here at Flamingo Land we have 3 White-faced Saki Monkeys. Now they can be hard to spot as they have their own island opposite the flamingos and spend a...
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George the Giraffe turns 12

19th October 2018
Here at Flamingo Land we are celebrating the birthday of one our most iconic and well known animals at the Zoo. George the Giraffe turns 12 years old on...
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Red Panda Day

25th September 2018
On September 15th we celebrated International Red Panda day here at Flamingo Land. The star of the day was our Panda cub spending time out of his nestbox and...
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Menya’s First Birthday Party

13th September 2018
We have been celebrating Menya our Tiger cub first birthday here at Flamingo Land. On the 25th of August we provided her with her very own ‘tiger cake’ made...
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Tallulah the Tarantula

3rd September 2018
Here at Flamingo Land we have creatures that are all shapes and sizes. One of our more scary and hairy residents is our Chilean Rose Tarantula with the lovely...
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Enrique the Baboon turns 40

16th August 2018
We have been celebrating the birthday of our oldest Hamadrayas Baboon! Enrique turned 40 on the 14th of August here at Flamingo Land. He received a lovely birthday cake...
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Eco-Art and Brilliant Bats

8th August 2018
Our Nature Explorers activities are now in full swing and this week we have hosted a range of activities including bird walks, bug hunts, pond dipping, moth trapping and...
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Baby boom reaches new heights

2nd August 2018
First came Valentine the Lorikeet chick followed by Penguin chicks, Baboon infants, Kangaroo Joeys, a Red Panda cub and a quartet of Oryx calves, but when last month we...
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