Becoming a Zoo Keeper

Here at Flamingo Land we are very proud of our zoo, and we hope you enjoy it just as much as we do. But who is responsible for how great the place looks? Our keepers of course!

All the keepers here at the zoo are extremely dedicated to the work that they are doing. Come rain or shine they are always working hard for the animals and for the members of the public. You may notice we have a few new faces this year and working in a zoo as you can imagine is a job that’s very much in demand. If you would like to become a zoo keeper here is an insight into what the job entails and what skills you may require to get you there! Firstly, a degree or equivalent in any kind of animal based subject is necessary to set you on your way. Any experience working with animals giving them the best care possible even domesticated ones gives you a huge advantage! It is a very physical job so being fit, strong, enthusiastic and hard working is essential when working with a wide range of exciting animals.

The keeper’s day starts off with the zoo morning meeting. This is a chance for everyone to get together and update each other about what is happening in the different areas of the zoo. Once everyone has been briefed, the real work starts. The first task in the morning is to check that all the animals have had a good night’s sleep and give them their morning feed. Once all the animals have been fed and let out for the day the keepers will then begin the task of cleaning. Once the enclosures have been completely cleaned out and set for another day, the keeper must prepare more feeds and design and make enrichment for the animals. The keepers also give talks to the public at designated times. This is a fantastic experience as people get to hear about the animals in the zoo from the people that take care of them every day. It is also a wonderful opportunity for the public to ask any questions about the animals. The end of the day sees the final checks and dinner for the animals.

If you would like to know more about the work of a keeper why not come and join us for a day? Our Be a Zookeeper experience allows you to go behind the scenes and help the keepers complete their daily routines. This experience can be booked for anyone aged 8 and upwards – if you are mad about animals it is definitely not one to be missed!