Baby lemur at Flamingo Land

7th May 2014
Flamingo Land is currently celebrating the birth of a baby ring-tailed lemur. The sex of the youngster is still unknown, as it’s still being closely looked after by...
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New inhabitants in Reptile River

24th April 2014
Several new species are now on display in Flamingo Land’s Reptile River area. This section of the zoo is part of Children’s Planet and was already home to our...
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Banded Mongoose arrivals!

15th November 2013
Our group of banded mongoose has increased in size due to the addition of three babies! These small animals are miniatures of their parents, so they look very cute!...
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Mini Peacocks in the Park!

22nd September 2013
If you have ever visited Flamingo Land you may have noticed we have free ranging peafowl, or peacocks, in our park. These have recently gone through their breeding...
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