Donkeys are smallest member of the horse family and originated in Africa. They descended from the African Wild Ass which is also one of the most endangered animals in the world.

Wild donkeys, called burros, can survive on little food and water for long periods, which is useful when living in the deserts.

Since Donkeys have become domesticated there are millions of them across the globe and with the highest population being in China. They are often used as a working animal carrying heavy loads in poor countries. Their lifespan in the wild is generally only around 10 years however in captivity some have said to have lived over 40 years!

The name of a donkey depends on its gender and age; a young donkey is called a foal, a female is a jenny and a male is a jack. Donkeys will often make an ‘eeyore’ call that can last for several minutes and heard up to 3 kilometers away! They are very affectionate animals and do enjoy the company of people.


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