International Tiger Day

25th July 2018
On the 29th of July we will be celebrating International Tiger Day! Here at Flamingo Land we are very lucky to have a family of 3 critically endangered Sumatran...
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Kumalis 16th Birthday

10th July 2018
Kumali the leader of our pride of African Lions here at Flamingo Land turned 16 on Tuesday the 10th of July! You may also recognise he also has a...
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Zebra Foal Born

4th July 2018
Flamingo Land is celebrating the birth of a zebra foal! The new arrival, a male, was born on 26th June at 1am to parents Guinness and Vendela.
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Tunisian Unicorns!

27th June 2018
On Monday night, 18 million viewers tuned into their television sets to watch England take on Tunisia in their World Cup opener. For 90 minutes, the country of Tunisia...
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Panda Birthdays

18th June 2018
It has been a double birthday for our cute and popular red pandas here at the zoo this week. Tai Jang our female turned 6 on the 12th of...
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World Ocean Day

11th June 2018
Friday the 8th of June was World Ocean Day, an arbitrary date chosen to remind us of the importance of these vast, unexplored bodies of water. The world’s oceans...
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Love Your Zoo Week

1st June 2018
Fancy being a nature detective over the summer? Head on down to Flamingo Land Resort where you can take the steps to become a fully fledged nature explorer! This...
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Lorikeet chicks first flight

24th May 2018
There is absolutely no doubt that the big story of week was the Royal wedding. Harry and Meghan pledged their love for each other in front of a worldwide...
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Heatwave and ice lollies

9th May 2018
Here at flamingo land the animals have really been feeling the heat, for some species they absolutely love it but for others we have done our best to make...
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Mongoose Lemurs’ Birthdays

11th April 2018
Flamingo Land is celebrating our adult Mongoose Lemurs' Birthdays. Geoffrey and Geraldine share the same birthday on April 10th and are both 19 years old. Geoffrey was born at...
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