Giraffe Training

13th September 2017
For this week’s view from the zoo we are going to let you in on a secret on how we train and look after one of the taller residents...
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Miracle Tiger Cub Birth

29th August 2017
Flamingo Land is delighted to announce the arrival of a Sumatran Tiger Cub on Friday 25th August at 6:01PM at Flamingo Land Resort Yorkshire.
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Patagonian Mara Babies

24th August 2017
Over in our South America section we have a large mixed species exhibit which includes Brazilian tapir, greater rhea, capybara, vicuna and some smaller residents that resemble a cross...
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Porcupine Training

21st August 2017
For this week’s View from the Zoo we are going to tell you about a particular animal that we have to be very, very careful with! Our two Cape...
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Becoming a Zoo Keeper

21st August 2017
Here at Flamingo Land we are very proud of our zoo, and we hope you enjoy it just as much as we do. But who is responsible for how...
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Happy Hippo Birthday!

7th August 2017
In our ungulates section of the zoo, it was time for celebration as one of our Common Hippopotamus’ (Hippopotamus amphibious), Ernie, turned 14 on the 4th of August! Ernie...
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Discover The Sacred Ibis

25th July 2017
This week we will be letting you know a bit more about one of our more ‘Sacred’ residents here at the Zoo. As part of the Bird Show and...
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Stick Insect Population Explodes!

17th July 2017
This week at the zoo, some of smaller and well disguised animals have been increasing their numbers, and in a big way! Our giant thorny stick insects, which are...
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Learn a Little About Our Lions

12th July 2017
At Flamingo Land we have a pride of nine African lions. As they are carnivores they receive a meaty feast usually two or three times a week. By gorging...
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