Edmund’s On The Move!

12th December 2017
One of the snakes that was previously housed in our Education Centre has moved over to Reptile River to be put on display. Edmund is a 16-year-old western black...
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Peafowl Chicks on Parade!

7th November 2017
If you have ever visited Flamingo Land you may have noticed we have free ranging peafowl in our park. They have recently gone through their breeding season and have...
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Welcome to Winter at Flamingo Land

1st November 2017
As Halloween brings another fantastic season for Flamingo Land’s Theme Park to an end, we have been distributing the remaining pumpkins to our animals. And, although the majority of...
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It’s Pumpkin Playtime!

25th October 2017
At Flamingo Land, we have been very busy with Halloween activities! One which was on offer to the visitors was to carve a pumpkin. This proved to be a...
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International Zoo Keeper Day

9th October 2017
For this week’s view from the zoo we will be celebrating international zookeeper day! Every October 4th is the recognition of the huge contribution zookeepers make to the care...
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Say Hello to Talula The Tarantula

3rd October 2017
Here at Flamingo Land we do have creatures that are all shapes and sizes. One of our more scary and hairy residents is our Chilean Rose Tarantula with the...
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Don’t Forget World Rhino Day

21st September 2017
The 22nd September every year is World Rhino Day. It is a day to raise awareness on all 5 species of rhinoceros and the threats they face in the...
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Valerie the Vicuna turns one!

18th September 2017
You may remember last year we announced the arrival of a baby vicuna (Vicugna vicugna), also known as a cria. At the time of writing the sex of the...
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