Updated Keeper Talk Times

27th March 2018
On Saturday we started our summer season, this means that the park is now open later and that we have even more activities for you to enjoy. We...
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Animal Moves

26th March 2018
Captive breeding is one of the zoos most important roles and is necessary in order to increase species numbers. Zoos across the world work together to co-ordinate their efforts...
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2 Mobs of Meerkats

12th March 2018
At Flamingo Land we have two groups of meerkats. Our largest group is found in Children's Planet and it is made up of six individuals so they have lots...
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Antlers Make a Comeback!

29th January 2018
You may have noticed over Christmas we have two lovely Reindeer here at Flamingo Land, Esker the female and her brother Gunter. However Gunter did not have his antlers...
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Penguin Awareness Day

25th January 2018
For this week’s view from the zoo we are going to celebrate an awareness day for one of the most popular species here at Flamingo Land. Saturday the 20th...
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Walk With Our Lemurs

3rd January 2018
Take a walk through our Lemur enclosure this winter for the chance to see our ring tailed lemurs up close. Here at Flamingo Land we have a troop of...
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Too Chilly For Our Penguins?

18th December 2017
One of the more festive animals to see at the zoo is of course our Penguins. Here at Flamingo Land we have a colony of twenty-two Humboldt Penguins. Penguins...
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