Motorsport fans are in for a real treat with Flamingo1. So, pull onto the grid and get ready to race with our all-new family attraction.

With Flamingo 1, you’re in the driving seat, experiencing all the thrills of a self-steer racing car. Featuring a brand new 380-metre figure of eight circuit, here you and two fellow competitors can race against the clock, enjoy gripping hairpin turns, a spectacular flyover and an underpass during a lap of side-by-side racing over three individual lanes.

Our eco-friendly battery powered cars have a top speed of around ten miles per hour. Each of the three tracks features a guide rail too, ensuring you and your fellow drivers remain within your designated lane.

Although the majority of Flamingo 1 is outdoors, it also passes through our new entertainment complex, The Hub, allowing spectators to watch the action from a dedicated viewing area. What’s more, great souvenir ride photos are available too, allowing you to purchase a high-quality image taken just before your race begins.

So, enjoy an all-new experience at Flamingo Land. We look forward to seeing you on the start line soon!

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