Demoiselle Crane

The migration of a Demoiselle Crane is so long and hard that many die from hunger or tiredness.

The Demoiselle crane has long legs, a long neck and a long compressed bill. Its body is a light bluish grey, its neck is dark grey and it has light grey on the crown and on the back of the neck. It has white ear tufts and red eyes. They can grow to 90cm (36’’) and weigh up to 2.7kg (6lbs).

Although Demoiselle Cranes inhabit dry grasslands and cropland, they like to stay close to shallow water. Their diet includes, seeds, insects, small amphibians, and they occasionally feed on crops. This activity brings them into direct conflict with farmers and they are often shot as a result.

Found in eastern and central Asia, Demoiselle Cranes migrate for the winter to north eastern Africa, India and Pakistan, and can do so in their tens of thousands.

Cranes form lifelong, monogamous (only one partner) pairs. Demoiselles are very territorial when nesting, and will protect their nest vigorously. They nest on the ground close to water, and lay between one and three eggs, which hatch after an period of 27 to 29 days.


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