Yellow Collared Macaw

Small in size compared to the Scarlet Macaw, the Yellow Collared Macaw is just 38cm (15in) in length – half of which is its tail.

However, although it may lack in size and weight, the Yellow Collared Macaw is still a feast of colour. Dressed in an overall plumage (coat of feathers) of green, this macaw features a distinct yellow collar around the back of the neck. Topped with a forehead of brownish black, it comes complete with blue primary feathers and a mix of maroon, green and blue tail feathers. The underside of the tail and the flight feathers are greenish-yellow and, like all macaws, the Yellow Collard has a facial area of bare skin, which is particularly striking in this species.

Ranging from Paraguay, Brazil, Bolivia and Argentina, this small macaw is found in quite a range of habitats – from rainforests to swamps and agricultural farmland. This macaw has adapted well to people and is frequently seen around villages and homes.

Like all macaws, Yellow Collared Macaws nest in tree cavities and lay a clutch of two to four white eggs. After incubation (kept warm) for around 26 days, the chicks will hatch and leave the nest after 70 days. However, they will remain with their parents for up to a year.


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