Red Kangaroo

The iconic symbol of Australia, the kangaroo is the largest marsupial mammal.

Red kangaroos move in groups (mobs) ranging from a few dozen to several hundred animals. They are usually made up of a dominant male, a number of adult females and youngsters of both sexes. The female, or doe, has blue grey fur, and the male, or buck, has reddish/brown. Males can be between 3 – 9 feet (0.9 – 2.7 metres). They move by hopping on their strong hind legs using their muscular tales for steering.

The word Marsupial describes animals that give birth to premature young and rear them in a pouch, which contains teats for nourishment. A young kangaroo that still uses its mother’s pouch is called a ‘Joey’.

They are growing in number in their natural habitat, thanks to the extinction of their only natural predator, the Tasmanian Wolf (also a marsupial) some 65 years ago.


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