Sumatran Tiger

The Sumatran tiger is the smallest of the tigers, compared to the Siberian tiger which is the largest. The stripes of the Sumatran tiger are narrower than other tigers and they have larger manes. The males are bigger than the females but they still only reach 2.5m in length. Their small size allows them to travel through the dense Sumatran rainforest with ease.

Tigers reach maturity at 4 years of age. Gestation is normally 103 days. The number of cubs is two or three, though there may be as many as six. The cubs are blind and helpless at birth. The cubs leave the den for the first time when they are 2 months old. They are completely dependent until they are about 6 months old when they learn how to hunt. They can hunt for themselves and are fully independent at two years of age. They live for approximately 15 years in the wild and can live up to 20 years in captivity.

Tigers live alone; a mother will live with her cubs until they are two years old. Tigers do communicate with each other, the leave scent marks and scratch marks on posts allowing other tigers in the area to track them and even identify each other.


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