White Rhinoceros

The White Rhino can grow as tall as 6.5 feet (2 metres) and 13 feet (4 metres) long. It weighs about 5000 pounds (2300kg).

The White Rhino is only an endangered species due to man – no other animal can kill an adult rhino. As well as being hunted extensively for their horns, man is slowly destroying the rhino’s natural habitat. Left alone, the rhino can easily live to 45 years old.

The white rhinoceros is actually grey in colour and comes from north-eastern and southern Africa. In the wild they live in small groups in and around open woodland and nearby grassland. It is a herbivore (plant eater) and grazer and uses a wide flexible front lip that enables it to gather more food in less time.

Rhinos have poor eyesight but good hearing. You will often see a rhino swivel their ears around to pick up sounds. Even so, they mainly rely on their sense of smell. When conditions are dry they can go without water for four or five days. To cool off they often take a ‘mud’ bath.


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