Western Grey Kangaroo

The Western Grey is one of the largest and most common species of Kangaroo and is suited to life in the outback of Australia by not needing much water.

Kangaroos are herbivores (plant eaters), swallowing their food without chewing it and regurgitate it later.

They have soft, charcoal-brown coloured fur with white patches on the throat, chest and abdomen. Males can reach over 7’ 5 feet (over 2.2 metres) from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail, a large male may weigh up to 180 pounds (81 kilos). Females can be 5’ 5 feet (1.6 metres) in total length and about 70 pounds (32 kilos) in weight.

The gestation period for kangaroos is 30 days, but the joey (baby) stays suckling in the mother’s pouch for 8 months before venturing out, and even then will not leave the pouch permanently for another 2 months. They have a very close social bond and tend to stay together for years.


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