Scimitar-horned Oryx

Scimitar-horned Oryx were once widespread throughout the semi-desert north and south of the Sahara, but are now extinct in the wild.

These antelopes are mostly white with reddish brown necks and marks on the face along with a long, dark, tufted tail. The white coat of the Oryx helps reflect the heat of the desert.

Excessive over hunting for meat and hide, along with trophy hunting for their magnificent horns, caused them to be declared extinct in the wild back in 1999. However, it also triggered an amazing conservation effort. This heavy bodied antelope has been exhibited at Flamingo Land since 2000. They are part of a European breeding programme, which ensures diverse genetic stability in endangered species.

They live in herds but the female will distance herself from the herd for a few hours before and after giving birth to a single calf. The calf is completely independent of its mother after 14 weeks.


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